Audrey Elise

Get Up!

The Story

I had the pleasure of working with LoyalKaspar’s team to bring some elements of ESPN’s new morning show, Get Up!, to life.

Get Up’s primary logo was designed by LoyalKaspar’s Chief Creative Director, Beaut Baudenbacher, and is included in this case study for reference.



Type Design

Logo Design

Agency: LoyalKaspar

Creative Director:

Beat Baudenbacher 

Producers: Timothy Cella,

Shawn Kelley 


The Brief

I was tasked with designing a number set that would match Get Up’s logo. The numbers needed to be legible while retaining some of the inherent “funkiness” of GU!’s wordmark.


Franchise Logos

I also contributed to a number of Get Up!’s franchise logos for their various segments. Below are a few.