The Daily Logo Series Overview


As some of you may know, I decided to start a #dailylogoseries in January where I post a logo on Instagram every day for 100 days. It was super fun, really challenging and pretty exhausting. Here’s the recap!

The Process


The biggest question I received throughout this project was, “How do you come up with the names for the logos?”

I don’t have a trick or top ten list or any kind of system to share. I came up with all of the names the day the design was posted. Some were inspired by songs, some by people in my life and some were inspired by events or locations. Others were words or numbers that I like. A few were dedicated to my boyfriend.

No shortcuts. I just looked for inspiration every day.


While designing the logos, I tried to alternate between an icon and wordmarks. Though some have both, most focus on one or the other. I wanted to explore fonts, layouts and styles that I haven’t been able to explore while focusing on my clients. I’ve always been a big fan of layered text and including multiple taglines, dates and locations in logo designs. Prior to this series I had not booked a client who wanted to include layered text - they were hiring me for my minimalist style, because that is what was represented in my portfolio. With the series, I was able to explore some more unique layouts that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.


I can’t talk about my process without talking about the editing stage, often taking as much, if not more time than actually designing the logo. I’m lucky to have amazing friends in my life who are willing to provide feedback on my work. Mike, my web development partner, gave me feedback for almost every logo that was posted on Instagram, even if it was just a stamp of approval. Some logos saw half a dozen or more rounds of edits before they were posted to my Instagram feed. Even as a personal project, it shows that the refining stage of design is still critical to the process. Even when you’re under some serious time pressure to produce a design, take a step back, breathe, take it all in, and see if you can improve it.

What I would do next time


A curated Instagram is super important, especially if you’re advertising yourself for identity design. I plan out my posts using Photoshop so that I can see how a new post will fit in with my existing feed - and I plan 3 or more posts ahead of time. Because I was posting every day, and often designing things last minute, I didn’t have a lot of time to plan posts in advance. Overall, I’m still happy with my daily logo feed. However, in the future I’m definitely planning out the color scheme for multiple posts ahead of time. This will give me a better idea of how the logos will flow together in my feed.



This one is straightforward. By the time 6pm rolled around and I had (finally) arrived on a design that I was happy with, I was ready to post the logo to Instagram and call it a day. I didn’t have the energy or desire to resize the image and post it to Dribbble, Behance and Pinterest. Next time I’ll make 12pm my cut off time to give myself enough opportunity to post on other sites.


A rushed design after getting home late on a Saturday night.

A rushed design after getting home late on a Saturday night.


Burnout was getting to be a very real thing towards the end. Not having a true day off for 100 days straight was rough for my mental health, especially when there was a lot of pressure for each post to be up to my design standards. While it was a personal series and I didn’t spend as much time on my daily logos as I do on my clients, I didn’t want any of the designs to be subpar. This lead to a few very stressful days where nothing seemed to be working and I really had to dig deep to create something I felt was worth posting. To spare my sanity, next time I do a series I’ll take the weekend off, and maybe design those posts ahead of time so that I have more time to breathe.

And that concludes the overview of my daily logo series! Woo!

If you’re a designer, I encourage you to do your own series. It doesn’t have to be logos - it could be lettering, packaging design, business cards or patterns. Do what inspires you. ✌️

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