Hina Tours Brand Reveal

Hina Tours

Hina Tours is an upcoming modern tour company coming to Honolulu, Hawaii. I worked with the owner, Chris Burnett, to craft a modern and minimal logotype.

When Chris  first reached out, he explained that the tour company is named after the native hinahina plant. He knew he wanted the plant incorporated in some way, while still keeping the brand clean and simple.

Mood Board

We explored two different directions and ultimately landed on this mood board. The color palette works with different shades of earthy greens with delicate geometric lines while keeping the rest of the design black and white. The tone is sunny, bright and steers away from the typical saturated aquas that are commonly associated with Hawaii. The hinahina plant can be seen in the bottom right corner.

Mark Exploration

A few geometric hinahina plant interpretations were presented. The above two are a bit more complex, but we ultimately decided on a cluster of three simple plant icons.

Final Logo

The final logo is simple and geometric with varying shades of green for the leaves to add interest.

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