LilyEmme Brand Reveal


Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working with Valerie, the owner of LilyEmme. I was super pumped from the start. She has the most beautiful, minimalist jewelry that's all handmade in Seattle (one at a time!). Her beautiful designs just needed a beautiful brand to match - and that's just what we did.



I wanted the brand to reflect Valerie's minimalist aesthetic while still being elegant and appropriate for a jewelry brand. Valerie wanted to steer clear of feminine colors and go for a stronger, more gender-neutral mood. The result was a neutral color palette with soft blacks, greys and a beautiful slate blue.

Logo Exploration

Geometry and monograms were a clear favorite as we went into the logo design process. We explored a few different shapes, but ultimately felt that the above options were too simple and we pushed for something more complex.


Final Logo

The final logo design in incorporates a layered geometric border around an interlocking monogram. The monogram adds elegance, while the logotype remains linear and modern to complement Valerie's gorgeous simple jewelry designs.

Visit the website here.

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